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A word whose meaning includes the meaning of a more specific word; for example, animal is a hypernym of elephant.

[hyper- + (-o)nym (on the model of hyponym, taken as hypo- + -nym).]

hy′per·nym′ic (-nĭm′ĭk) adj.


(Linguistics) another name for superordinate3
[C20: hyper- + Greek onoma name]
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Noun1.hypernym - a word that is more generic than a given word
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
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While 'Murder' is a hyponym that denotes an act of unlawful killing, the Arabic counterpart [phrase omitted] [a crime] is a hyperonym to it, i.
Thus, it is also plausible to consider it, in this study, as a hyperonym of all the other qualities sought by both women and men.
In the qualitative analysis, regarding the PS, it was verified that children with typical development, of both groups, presented an oral pattern of reply, with the presence of grammar category change, substitution for hyperonym, hyponym, synonym, for words that designate semantic attributes, for designation of functions, affective paraphrases, among others.
generalized hyperonym or abstract concept Types of Inflection word order morphemes He banks here Does he bank here?
In the case of the noun CREMA (cream) the dictionaries we are using share a terminological consistency in choosing the hyperonym.
H's and M's definitions employ 'choose' as a defining hyperonym for appoint.
A hyponymic relationship can be observed between inimene 'human being' as a hyperonym and all the rest of the words analysed, which are all hyponyms of inimene.
Similarly, Rebuschi (2001) introduced the seemingly equivalent notion of "co-jonction", but here again--although he did mention P-H--the new term defines a specific kind of structural configuration (in practice, co-jonction turns out to be a hyperonym of P-H).
Consequently, the exact meaning of anda is rather general, and it can be considered a hyperonym for the whole lexical field of EMOTIONS in OE.
Cross-lingual linking indicates complete equivalence, near-equivalence, or equivalence-as-a-hyponym or hyperonym.
To obtain a more relevant and domain specific query, the user's query is enriched using concepts and relations of the domain ontology and WordNet (to find the synonym, hyperonym, hyponym of query's keywords).