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Noun1.Hyperoodon - bottle-nosed whales
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Hyperodontidae, family Ziphiidae, Hyperodontidae, Ziphiidae - beaked whales; in some especially former classifications included in the family Physeteridae
bottlenose whale, bottle-nosed whale, Hyperoodon ampullatus, bottlenose - northern Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead
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NAME: Northern bottle-nosed whaleCLASS: Mammalia: MammalsORDER: Cetacea: WhalesFAMILY: Ziphiidae: Beaked WhalesSCIENTIFIC NAME: Hyperoodon ampullatusDIET: Squid, fishSIZE: 7.
The worldwide population of Hyperoodon Ampullatus is not known, but they are thought to have been seriously depleted by heavy whaling activity during the last century.
In odontocete males, these characteristics are present in the form of "weapons," such as the tusk of the narwhal (Monodon monoceros) and the teeth in species of the genus Grampus, Physeter, Berardius, Hyperoodon, and Mesoplodon used in male-male combats (MacLeod, 1998).