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British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared that Kosovo was "a battle between good and evil; between civilization and barbarity." Established during America's decade of unipolarity and hyperpower status, R2P thus implicitly called on America to be a force of intervention for global good.
In the 1990s, at the apex of American dominance, one of Levy's compatriots dubbed the United States a "hyperpower." It was said sneeringly, but Levy embraces it: The United States "is an empire, if you will, but a recalcitrant one, whose nobility has always been to balk at imperialism." His celebration of this American empire is soaring and sincere -- "the second home of every free person on the planet" -- and often incomprehensible, laced with name-dropping digressions, circuitous analogies and mixed metaphors.
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Some 60 years ago, when the current rules-based global trading system was conceived, the United States was the world's sole economic 'hyperpower,' possessing unquestioned dominance in the day's most advanced manufacturing industries.
The hyperpower set in DSmT framework denoted by [D.sup.[THETA]] consists of the unions and intersections elements in [THETA].
Was it possible American influence and leadership could only achieve so much, even in an era when European allies were labeling the United States a "hyperpower?"
More importantly, hyperpower spectral density (an index of the default mode component's time course) in DMN is positively correlated with the severity of the hallucination.[sup][15] The functional disability of DMN subsequent to the intrinsic instability influences the transition between resting and active conscious sensory states, hence the emergence of hallucination.[sup][15] Our finding of increased ReHo in the left precuneus, one component of DMN, supports the hypothesis that intrinsic instability of the DMN participates in the generation of AVHs.
Even if the members of an intentional community were to gain control of a nation-state or some part of one, they would still have to deal with the pressures of the European Union on its constituent states, (31) American imperial power on all states other than the "hyperpower," and the global market economy on everyone.
Hyperpower offensives were justified with worst-case scenarios (rogue states passing WMD to terrorists), but the strategies to pursue them were based on best-case scenarios about the ease of establishing any kind of order, much less a democratic one, in the wake of merely military victory.
So the global hyperpower has been reduced to convening a symposium on whether they need to open up more community-college scholarships at the new Center for Outstanding Achievement in Analogies of Extremism.
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