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n. hipersensibilidad, sensibilidad excesiva al efecto de un antígeno o a un estímulo.
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The occipital hyperactivation observed in PI patients fits with the hyperarousal theory of insomnia [37], positing a hypersensibility to external stimuli which might be driven by an overactivity of visual brain regions in patients.
Such infections have been reported in some studies and are attributable to superinfections, predisposing factors such as asthma, increasing hypersensibility to one of the infections or to behaviors that MP may have as commensal flora in immunocompetent patients [45], which is important to keep in mind when interpreting the results as well as when doing the processes of therapeutic intervention in the patient.
SPNS2-deficient mice showed reduced circulating S1P levels and lymphopenia, which translated into reduced severity of airway inflammation, delayed-type contact hypersensibility, dextrane sulphate sodium-induced colitis, experimental autoimmune encephalopathy (EAE), and collagen-induced arthritis, likely due to suppressed lymphocyte trafficking [20].
These findings suggest that the performance during FMT can be considered a biological marker of emotional reactivity to aversive stimuli, besides being a consistent endopheno-type of genetic susceptibility to the development of affective disorders characterized by emotional hypersensibility [19-21] and of traits such as impulsivity, aggression, and violence [22].
hypersensibility" on what he didn't include in the exhibit.