portal hypertension

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Noun1.portal hypertension - increase in blood pressure in the veins of the portal system caused by obstruction in the liver (often associated with alcoholic cirrhosis), causing enlargement of the spleen and collateral veins
malignant hypertension - severe hypertension that runs a rapid course and damages the inner linings of the blood vessels and the heart and spleen and kidneys and brain; "malignant hypertension is the most lethal form of hypertension"
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por·tal hy·per·ten·sion

n. hipertensión portal, aumento de la presión en la vena porta debido a una obstrucción.
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Propranolol is non cardioselective beta blocker used to treat various cardiac and non-cardiac diseases including arrhythmia, hypertension, portal hypertension and oesophageal varices.
Pancreatic arteriovenous malformation may be associated with portal hypertension, portal vein thrombosis and pancreatitis.
The pancreatic arteriovenous malformation is a rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding or abdominal pain and may lead to complications like portal hypertension, portal vein thrombosis and pancreatitis.

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