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pike 1

A long spear formerly used by infantry.
tr.v. piked, pik·ing, pikes
To attack or pierce with a pike.

[French pique, from Old French, from piquer, to prick; see pique.]

piked adj.

pike 2

n. pl. pike or pikes
1. A freshwater game and food fish (Esox lucius) of the Northern Hemisphere that has a long snout and attains a length of over 1.2 meters (4 feet). Also called northern pike.
2. Any of various fishes closely related to this fish, such as the muskellunge or the pickerels.
3. Any of various fishes that resemble this fish.

[Middle English, perhaps from Old English pīc, sharp point (from its shape).]

pike 3

1. A turnpike.
2. Archaic
a. A tollgate on a turnpike.
b. A toll paid.
intr.v. piked, pik·ing, pikes
To move quickly.
come down the pike Slang
To come into prominence: "a policy ... allowing for little flexibility if an important new singer comes down the pike" (Christian Science Monitor).

[Short for turnpike.]

pike 4

n. Chiefly British
A hill with a pointed summit.

[Middle English, possibly of Scandinavian origin.]

pike 5

A spike or sharp point, as on the tip of a spear.

[Middle English, from Old English pīc.]

pike 6

A mid-air position in sports such as diving and gymnastics in which the athlete bends to touch the feet or grab the calves or back of the thighs while keeping the legs together and straight.

[Probably from pike (from the resemblance of the position to the fish's head ).]


1. (Angling) the sport of fishing for pike
2. slang Brit the practice of deriving sexual pleasure from watching strangers have sex in parked cars and other secluded but public places
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The irony that Arnel Allan 'Nel' Bunyi (Jerome Ponce, convincing as a guy with hyperthymesia, like actress Marilu Henner) is gifted with superior biographical memory, but has hazy recollections about a series of cryptic posts from a throwback app isn't lost on viewers.
Social media journalist Nel (Jerome) has a rare condition called "hyperthymesia." The opposite of amnesia, he remembers every detail of every moment he has encountered.
Along with hyperthymesia, Decker has syncsthesia, in which his sensory pathways also have crossed so that he count in colors and sees time as pictures in his head, Plus, he associates color with people or objects.
She was diagnosed with hyperthymesia, which enables her to have photographic memory and help solve crimes in New York.
The 20-year-old is one of only a handful of people in the world with hyperthymesia, or highly superior autobiographical memory.
Only 33 people are known to have the condition hyperthymesia where they can perfectly recall everything since about the age of 10.
Oineza told the Inquirer recently of her costar's maturity as an actor, 'I saw [Jerome's] drive to learn how to portray his complex role in our movie, a person with hyperthymesia.'
For newcomers, Wells is an ex-New York cop who has hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that means she can visually remember everything she has heard or seen.