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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the segment between the basibranchial and the ceratobranchial in a branchial arch.
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Proximally, this cartilage is fused with the first ceratobranchial cartilage and articulated with the distal margin of the first hypobranchial cartilage.
In addition, Tyrian purple dye is obtained from the hypobranchial gland of the loco, and was used by the ancient inhabitants of Peru to dye textiles (Gibaja & Salazar 1977, Rabf et al.
The posterior pharyngeal one third of tongue derives from two structures: the copula and hypobranchial eminence.
The appearance of a second medial swelling known as the "Copula or hypobranchial eminence" follows.
Ventral gill arches: They are a set of skeletal elements that support the gills, with three unfused hypobranchial elements (HB 1-3), the first of which is half arced in shape and the second and third are approximately triangular in shape (Figure 4).
The geniohyoid is also visible from its posterior origin on the hypobranchial plate to its insertion on the infrarostral cartilages of the lower jaw.
Hypobranchial gland thin, beige, covering most of area between gill and rectum, including left and ventral surfaces of rectum (Fig.
Cephalopod ink is produced in and released from the ink sac, which is a modified hypobranchial gland rather than a homolog of the gastropod ink gland (Roseghini et al.
The thyroid gland develops at the junction between tuberculum impar (forms anterior two third of tongue) and hypobranchial eminence (forms the posterior one third of tongue) which forms the foramen caecum (2).
The posterior one third of the tongue arises from the hypobranchial eminence, which is made up of mesoderm of the second, third and a portion of the fourth pharyngeal arches.