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8 Takahashi M, Kondo S,Townsend GC, Kanazawa E.Variability In Cusp Size Of Human Maxillay Molars, With Particular Reference To The Hypocone. Arch Oral Boil.
The anterior fossettes between protocone and paracone are V-shaped and filled with matrix, while posterior fossettes between hypocone and metacone are shallow.
The protocone is slightly extended forward than the hypocone, so anterior side of the tooth is wider than the posterior one.
Small, brachydont cricetid rodent having protolophule II [paraloph] not aligned with the anterior arm of the hypocone in upper molars (M), but with the entolophid aligned with the anterior arm of the protoconid in lower molars (m).
The posterior walls of the protocone and the paracone show low posterior spurs that connect, at medium level, to the hypocone and the metacone, respectively.
1 (basalmost artiodactyls [paraphyletic]: diacodexid, primitive [unassigned, some dichobunine] dichobunid dichobunoids): Ml-3 (Ms) bunodont, triangular; metaconule unenlarged; no hypocone (Old World [OW] origin).
The posteromedial cusp (= hypocone of van Zyll de Jong 1983) is well developed posteriorly and most closely resembles Recent S.
It is a rather plastic feature that arises via multiple modes correlated with the development of the hypoconulid and the hypocone. Taken in isolation it seems unwarranted as a feature delimiting genera.