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Noun1.Hypoderma - in some classifications considered the type genus of the family Hypodermatidae: warble fliesHypoderma - in some classifications considered the type genus of the family Hypodermatidae: warble flies
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
warble fly - hairy bee-like fly whose larvae produce lumpy abscesses (warbles) under the skin of cattle
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The lesion was superficial; it affected the derma with little bleeding and did not reach the hypoderma tissue.
Relevance associated with neogenesis of hair bulbs during the wound healing process, with respect to myoblast reprogramming (situated in the adipose tissue) with consequential minimization of scarring, due to regeneration of hypoderma, has been recently emphasized [36].
Hypoderma bovis, the northern cattle grub and Hypoderma lineatum, the common cattle grub.
The genus Tubulicrinis and Hypoderma," Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, vol.
quercina were killed at 200 mg [liter.sup.-1], whereas Leptographium wagenerii and Hypoderma pratermissum required 240 mg [liter.sup.-1] to be killed within 24 hours.
Histological and immunohistochemical characterization of Hypoderma lineatum (Diptera: oestridae) warbles.
Use of a crude extract or purified antigen from first-instars cattle grubs, Hypoderma lineatum, for the detection of anti-Hypoderma antibodies in free-ranging cervids from southern Spain.
Nucleotide sequence changes and inter-specific variations will help in genetic differentiation of the examined species providing information for rapid molecular identification of Hypoderma spp.
[2.] Asbakk K, Oksanen A, Nieminen M, Haugerud RE, Nilssen AC (2005) Dynamics of antibodies against hypodermin C in reindeer infested with the reindeer warble fly, Hypoderma tarandi.
Kidding period in the study area is from mid March to mid April (spring season), while hypoderma is in pupal stage at this time and the adult fly activity season (oviposition) is in the mid of April (early summer).
Miyazis, insan ve vertebrali hayvan doku ve organlarinin diphterous takiminin oestridae ve hypoderma cinslerine ait larvalar ile enfestasyonu sonucu ortaya cikan bir grup paraziter hastaliktir.
2 into each well of the 96 well microtiteration plate already coated with first instars larvae (L1) of Hypoderma lineatam.