Hypogastric region

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The lower part of the abdomen.
An arbitrary division of the abdomen below the umbilical and between the two iliac regions.

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The pain localization were found in the epigastric, umblical or/and hypogastric region. The stool description includes its consistency (watery, mushy or formed), the color (yellow, light brown, brown, dark brown and black), the frequency of defecation (<1/day, 1/day, 2/day, [greater than or equal to]3/day), the presence of admixtures and their type (blood, mucus and mixed).
On abdominal examination, patient had a soft abdomen and tenderness was noted in the right iliac fossa and hypogastric region. Gut sounds were audible and no visceromegaly was appreciated.
The abdomen was tender, with localized peritoneal irritation in the hypogastric region. Rapid ultrasound examination did not show free liquid in the abdomen, and initially, the cause of the pain was not identified.
She also presented with pain and tenderness at the palpation of the hypogastric region, and during the consultation, she presented cardiorespiratory arrest.