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(Placename) an ancient district of Asia, southeast of the Caspian Sea
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(hərˈkeɪ ni ə)

a province of the ancient Persian empire, SE of the Caspian Sea.
Hyr•ca′ni•an, adj., n.
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Antioxidant and antidiabetic activities of 11 herbal plants from Hyrcania region, Iran.
How is it possible that any human mind could be persuaded that there has existed in the world that infinity of Amadises, and that throng of so many famous knights, so many emperors of Trebizond, so many Felixmartes of Hyrcania, so many palfreys and wandering damsels, so many serpents and dragons and giants, so many unparalleled adventures and different kinds of enchantments, so many battles and fierce encounters, so much splendid attire, so many enamored princesses and squires who are counts and dwarves who are charming, so many love letters, so much wooing, so many valiant women, and, finally, so many nonsensical matters as are contained in books of chivalry?
Investigating the botanical ecological elements in the area shows that Hyrcania chorotype has the most species in population.
That face of his the hungry cannibals Would not have touched, would not have stained with blood: But you are more inhuman, more inexorable, O, ten times more than tigers of Hyrcania. See, ruthless Queen, a hapless father's tears (3H6.
Muslim countries are ready to increase investment in the tourism sector in Northern Iran, Secretary-General of Ahlulbayt World Assembly Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Hassan Akhtari said on Monday.Akhtari also announced that investors of Muslim countries are interested in building a 600-km monorail in Northern parts of Iran.A Malaysian investor has declared his/her readiness for partnership in the "project which costs 3bln euro", he added.Northern Iran includes the Southern Caspian regions of Iran, and represents Hyrcania: Gilan, Mazandaran and to some extent Golestan.The major provinces, Gilan and Mazandaran, are covered with dense forests, snow-covered mountains and impressive sea shores.
On the authority of Orosius, Bacon notes that during Artaxerxes III of Persia's conquest of Egypt in 343 BC, many Jews were forced to migrate to Hyrcania on the Caspian Sea.
Polyaenus 4.3.19, but setting the episode in Hyrcania.
Under a German ruler, on the other hand, you can again gain peace and wealth, you will be allied to all the states in the Holy Roman Empire, Denmark and Hansa, and pursue custom-free trade with Germany, Russia, in Hyrcania, Media, Armenia and Persia.
(7) (The languages of Komisene and Hyrcania are similar; they use [ha-, as in] ha-dih ["give!"] and hd-kun ["do!"], and they are sweet.
Curtius (6.5.22-3) tells us that Bagoas was introduced to Alexander at Hyrcania, a region on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea where Alexander received him as a gift from Nabarzanes, one of the assassins of Darius III.
In the Inquisition of the Books (I, 6), one book is called Felixmarte ale Hyrcania in Grossman's translation, Plorismarte de Hircania in Riquer, and Plorimorte de Hircania in Cuesta's princeps.