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Under stress limited loading the part fractures due to quasi-static damage [d.sub.K], caused by the accumulated plastic strain [], and due to fatigue damage dN, resulted by the cyclic plastic strain, which is characterized by the hysteresis loop's width [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
where A, B, D, n, [alpha], [beta], and [gamma] are the parameters controlling the shape of hysteresis loop. It is apparent that there are seven parameters to be determined in this model.
In addition, a weak polar hysteresis loop between the polarization and the external electric field of FS and RS for C[H.sub.3]N[H.sub.3]Pb[I.sub.3] film was observed.
performed an analytical study on how the parameters of the Bouc-Wen model influence the shape of the hysteresis loop, and some specific features of the hysteresis loop are defined formally [20].
But the parameters are sensitive to the hysteresis loop, so they are difficult to be determined.
A long range hysteresis loop at P/P 0 with values from 0.4 to 1.0 occurred for MoP-CA 1.
Hysteresis loop between adsorption and desorption isotherms exhibited consistent characteristics with the type-H3 hysteresis loop, according to IUPAC classification (SING, 1982) and was observed almost over the entire range of [a.sub.w] for both cassava flour (Figure 1a and 2a); whereas, a more pronounced hysteresis effect was observed for cassava flour from dry group.
4(b), a typical hysteresis loop of a demagnetization process using this set of parameters is shown.
It is simple software that calculates the main parameters from the hysteresis loop coordinates, as follows:
The [Zn.sub.1-x][Fe.sub.x]O thin films with x = 0.03 / 0.05 show a weak ferromagnetism, for x = 0.10 [Fe.sup.3+] hysteresis loop of thin films shows a superparamagnetic behavior.
The room temperature hysteresis loop of all the samples was measured using vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM).