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prop. n.1.(Zool.) A genus of rodents, including the porcupine.
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En La Entrega, se observo que el contacto continuo de los banistas en ambientes arenosos, atrae a un conjunto de especies de peces (Scarus compressus, Balistes polylepis, Halichoeres nicholsi, Diodon hystrix y Mugil curema).
hystrix Germany (40) Ectenurus lepidus England (10) Gonocerca crassa USA (45) Hemiurus communis England (10), (32), (33) Lecithaster gibbosus Icelandic Waters (35) Lecithochirium fusiforme France (39) L.
Glyceroglycolipids from citrus hystrix, a traditional herb in thailand, potently inhibit the tumor-promoting activity of 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate in mouse skin.
The term ichthyosis hystrix encompasses several rare ichthyosiform disorders characterized by massive hyperkeratosis with an appearance like spiny scales.
Chlorophyll biosynthesis and metabolism analyses of reciprocal interspecific hybrid between Cucumis hystrix and C.
In Malaysia, limaukasturi is one of the spices that have high production rates in each year and if compared with Citrus hystrix (limaupurut) and Citrus aurantifolia (limaumpis), limaukasturi production rate is much higher at 25% of the main spices in Malaysia.
Influence of plant growth regulators on shoot proliferation and secondary metabolite production in micropropagated Huernia hystrix.
Extra teeth and dental anomalies in the crested porcupine Hystrix cristata, from Sicily.
pelagico 2139 Corethron hystrix pelagico 96 Coscinodiscus perforatus pelagico 17750 Detonula pumila pelagico 18588 Ditylum brightwellii pelagico 9792 Entomoneis alata v.
Dictiopteris delicatula and Dictyota dichotoma were more consumed than Sargassum hystrix both by hyalid and ampithoid amphipods.