I'm HIV-positive

I'm HIV-positive 
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Once you get them on your level, tease them by saying something sarcastic like, "Well I'm HIV-positive, so I've been judging everything you said." I've seen this happen.
Read: (www.ibtimes.com/woman-yells-im-hiv-positive-escape-being-raped-men-2565478) Woman Yells 'I'm HIV-Positive' To Escape Being Raped By Men
They had isolated me and put a board on the room so that anyone can easily recognize that I'm HIV-positive".
In April 1993, he had told reporters: "Yes, I'm HIV-positive. Isn't everybody?" And in June the following year he revealed he had "full-blown Aids".
"I'm HIV-positive for last three years and I have come here for marriage as I don't think anyone should be infected with HIV because of me," said Satish Patil.
I then remembered realising I was an alcoholic and thinking of myself as different again, and now finally I'm HIV-positive to boot.
"Maybe it's naive, but I never thought I'd be kept from pursuing my dreams because I'm HIV-positive." Cusick's statement is particularly wrenching when compared with these words from Cirque du Soleil's founder Guy Laliberte found on www.cirquedusoleil.com: "We hope you'll be inspired to dream your own dreams, and to believe they too con come true."
What will happen when I have to tell him I'm HIV-positive? How can I help him when he says he's dumb?
I want them to be well adjusted so they can deal with negatives if people come to know I'm HIV-positive.
Then I said, 'Before we get to filling out the application, you should know I'm HIV-positive.'"