I'm hungry

I'm hungry   
References in classic literature ?
I never got off the train since I mushed out of Seattle, and I'm hungry.
But this is a lonely place, and no good meat has passed by my cave for many years; so I'm hungry.
It's lucky we started you first, for I'm hungry, and you can be cooking something for us to eat while we match the other folks together.
But I must get my supper first, for I'm hungry, I'm hungry.
It was important to come out and make sure I'm hungry.
I have to break him down, I'm hungry still, forever I will be.
Now I just can't wait to get started and I'm hungry to get out there and compete for my place in the team.
I'm hungry," said producer Ryan Murphy, as he greeted Fox bosses Dana Walden and Gary Newman as the two-hour screening (well, "screaming," according to the invite) let out into the party.
I'm feeling strong and sharp from the work we've done in preseason and I'm hungry to do well.
Alison said: "For weeks the boys had been saying, 'Mum, I'm hungry.
For me (staying at Anfield), it's also about making the team as strong as possible because I'm hungry to win something," he said.
I don't know if it's hormones, or I'm getting my period or I'm hungry or tired.