I'm sorry

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I'm sorry   
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But I'm sorry, m'am, and I won't do it no more -- I won't, honest.
But I'm sorry to hear all this 'bout the Crooked Magician.
I'm sorry because this drive has been so pleasant and I'm always sorry when pleasant things end.
She isn't a bad little soul, and I'm sorry I couldn't see her once more, though maybe it's just as well for she'd have to cry and set us all off.
Glegg paid a visit to her sister Tulliver, sitting in her gig all the while, and showing her displeasure by markedly abstaining from all advice and criticism; for, as she observed to her sister Deane, "Bessy must bear the consequence o' having such a husband, though I'm sorry for her," and Mrs.
I'm sorry I had to put a patch on your breast, but it really couldn't be helped.
I have literally had a crush on you, but I'm sorry you have been literally my crush for forever.
I'm not a fan of Theresa May, I'm sorry to say that as a woman, I'm sorry if that makes me a bad feminist, but she is too conservative for me.
The day after the tragedy, for me to fly from Atlanta that night and to show up at his mother's house and for me to say to his mother, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,' and for his mother to say to me, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry' 6 I said, 'Why?
So if I have offended anyone, or because I have offended everyone, I'm sorry.
Mom, I'm sorry that for 3 years you have been chasing me from prison to prison.
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