I'm blind

I'm blind   
References in classic literature ?
And as he maintained his silence, she continued with: "Oh, don't think I'm blind, Martin Wade.
Perhaps I'm blind or perhaps they haven't yet told him that he is black.
If I say that it wasn't a goal then people will see that I'm blind.
Maybe I'm blind and cynical to how great this place is.
Even if I'm blind, there are things that I can do better than a normal person can.
People think because I'm blind I don't have a brain.
So maybe people are holding me back in some way--or have tried--and I just don't see it because I'm blind to that kind of negativity.
Unless I'm reading it wrong or I'm blind," Black said of Jordan's rebound total.
She had posted on her Twitter account: 'If I don't say hi it's because I'm blind as a bat
My parents think that because I'm blind, I cannot do anything for them.