I'm blind

I'm blind   
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And as he maintained his silence, she continued with: "Oh, don't think I'm blind, Martin Wade.
People think because I'm blind I don't have a brain.
June 19, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Within his new book, I'm Blind.
Unless I'm reading it wrong or I'm blind," Black said of Jordan's rebound total.
She had posted on her Twitter account: 'If I don't say hi it's because I'm blind as a bat
My parents think that because I'm blind, I cannot do anything for them.
I've had a triple heart by-pass and both hips replaced; I'm blind in my right eye and my hearing is shot.
Not that I'm blind to the role we Welsh played in the carnage that created the darned British Empire, to which this Commonwealth still pays homage.
Findlay, who revealed that for "about three minutes" he thought he had won another Gold Cup, said: "If he's not a Grand National horse I'm blind.
The following message is then spoken and displayed on the DB-Phone: "Hi, I'm blind and I can't hear.