I'm cold

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I'm cold   
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"Oh!" she whispered, "I'm cold all over--I'm frozen with fear of this place.
I'm cold, I'm old, I'm a coward; I never supposed I should marry again, and it seems to me very strange l should ever have listened to you.
'I've been wet,' she answered reluctantly, 'and I'm cold, that's all.'
For example, saying a command like "Hey BMW, I'm cold" will make the car adjust the interior temperature accordingly.
If I'm cold filming I find it let alone "I suppose it's better than a tent, but it's still very cold.
If I'm cold filming I "Apparently we sleep in tea houses, little buildings with no heating," Sally said.
"I'm cold and I'm afraid," Neeley said, adding that he was trying to raise enough money from the bundled commuters rushing past to pay for a $45 (Dh165) motel room on a night that weather forecasters warned would send the Midwest into a deep freeze unlike anything even this region has seen in years.
A simple "Hey Angie - turn on the bedroom light", "Hey Angie - I'm cold," or "Hey Angie - Relax scene," is enough to adjust the room accordingly.
"I'm cold and I have not been offered any extra blankets.
You can also say "Xfinity Home, I'm cold" to automatically adjust the thermostat a few degrees and "Xfinity Home, set downstairs thermostat to 74 degrees" to change the temperature to a more specific setting.