I'm diabetic

I'm diabetic   
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"I'm diabetic and was also fitted with a pacemaker.
I'm diabetic and I get my treatment at my own expense, while in CAF we treat the sick on CAF's expense, and in Fahmy's case we stood by his side when he was sick and we paid $100,000 for his treatment," he added.
She added: "Because I'm diabetic I always carry around stuff to help check my blood sugars and when I tested myself I knew my levels were dropping so I asked for something to eat.
He said: "I have to monitor my health, I'm diabetic. I'm on medication and it's under control with tablets but it's a big problem.
Image Credit: iStock Dr Saya Pareeth, Homeopath and Medical Practitioner, The Healers' Clinic How often should I drink water if I'm diabetic?
Q I'm diabetic and I've read that people like me can drink alcohol three to four days a week without making their diabetes worse.
"James explained that his sugar level was very low and was he feeling shaky and told them: 'I'm diabetic, I need to eat.' "He phoned me and said 'they won't serve me, my sugars are low'.
He told Carl in a telephone call: "I'm diabetic, I've got gallstones and I'm nearly blind.
I'm diabetic, 62 years old, 4' 10", and weigh 95 lbs.
"I'm diabetic and they can't even find me a sandwich," he said.
I'm diabetic and I steer away from starches and keep portions small.