I'm divorced

I'm divorced   
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Asked by Jamie Theakston on Heart "Which Spice Girl needs the money the most?", Brown replied: "Me, because I'm divorced."
AR: At this stage of my life, I'm divorced, my children are grown with children of their own, so working late or weekends doesn't usually keep me from much.
I'm divorced with a son, Karl, 21, and he'd been married, too, with a daughter Nicole, 22, and a stepson Steven, 38."
"I'm divorced and my two kids live in Spain, where I run a restaurant business, so I spend a lot of time over there where my life is very different."
He said: "I can't pay the money, I'm divorced and I've had nothing but problems.
It's not uncommon to hear a man insist that his friend stay for tea, "or I swear I'm divorced." If the man does not stay, the marriage is technically dissolved.
He wrote to Lorraine saying: "In every sense of the word I'm divorced. There is little point in remaining married if she is adamant on going her own way."
Tracy doesn't want to take our relationship any further until I'm divorced. I understand and agree with her.
"I'm divorced, and when my kid is with his mom, that dog is my kid."
Because I'm divorced, I don't have a spouse's income to depend on--it's just me.
Laughing off the allegations that she had filed divorce papers in Los Angeles, the 27-year-old quipped on Twitter: "First I'm pregnant & then I'm divorced. What am I?