I'm divorced

I'm divorced   
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MY PHONE AND TEXT TEAM ARE THERE TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS 24/7 DEAR LUKE, I'M divorced and have had many relationships.
I'm divorced and he's separated from his partner of 29 years, although they still live in the same house.
I'm divorced with a son, Karl, 21, and he'd been married, too, with a daughter Nicole, 22, and a stepson Steven, 38.
Webber, previously of Barmston Court, Washington, said: "I can't pay the money, I'm divorced and I've had nothing but problems.
I'm divorced and remarried, and I have my son half of the week.
It's not uncommon to hear a man insist that his friend stay for tea, "or I swear I'm divorced.
Tracy doesn't want to take our relationship any further until I'm divorced.
Because I'm divorced, I don't have a spouse's income to depend on--it's just me.
Laughing off the allegations that she had filed divorce papers in Los Angeles, the 27-year-old quipped on Twitter: "First I'm pregnant & then I'm divorced.
I'm divorced and have four children whom I love dearly, and several grandchildren.
The whole thing was pretty rock 'n' roll and I'm divorced at 29, so I suppose I can do anything now.