I'm full

I'm full   
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It's all I can do to tear myself away from the table when I know I'm full to bustin' and ain't got storage for another bite.
"Time for my girl to be abed, else she won't be up early, and I'm full of jolly plans for to-morrow.
I'm full of resolution -- I'll do anything to save my life!"
Maghintay ako then I look at a calendar, I'm full until the end of the week," he said.
I mean, whatever she wants to do, I'm full support behind her," Edward told Philstar.
I'm full of admiration for Greta and all the youngsters who have taken to the streets to protest and make their voices heard.
"But I'm full on the mend and it's nice to be back on the bench at Rangers.
Kasi po I'm still a Filipino po, I'm full Filipino.
I'm full of holes and Efa's holding me, and she's got me by the shoulders and she's pulled me outside.
"I'm full of sympathy for the horrors that have gone on, but be your own judge.
He acted with real class and showed real personal qualities so I'm full of admiration for him as a man." Howe hopes to achieve a good result against Liverpool to improve his situation in the league as they share the 15th place with Stoke City on 16 points.
I'm no fan of the royals but I'm full of praise for William and Harry speaking out about their grief after Diana's death.

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