I'm lost

I'm lost   
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"I'm Dorothy," said the girl, "and I'm lost, and--"
"And now I'm lost myself and don't know how to get home!"
"Now I'm lost," thought Rose, as she gave up her pin-cushion with a sternly defiant look that would have daunted anyone but the reckless Prince.
Tom had been gradually sinking into a state of ghastly terror, and he said to himself, now: "I'm lost, no matter what turn things take!
deadfred I'M lost for words, how can they justify leaving Rob Evans out of 31 man squad.
Yes it's true The country is a mess Who has the answers I think I'm blessed Yes it's true Our brothers and sisters All need help I believe in the impossible Yes it's true The world has gone mad It's about money sometimes I think I'm glad Yes it's time Sometime I don't know I'm lost inside and out But words have been spoken Yes it's true I believe in art and music And love can cross borders And make the world one Yes it's true I love each day And I sow lots of seeds In the sunshine and rain KENNETH MOOD
"There are no words to describe this -- I'm lost for words.
I'm lost for " Bloodrun EVS provides a free out-ohours transportation service to move blood, medicines and other vital products between hospitals on Teesside.
They have a new single out, I Love You But I'm Lost, which is the first original music from them since 2004.
Wade said: "I'm ecstatic - it's not often I'm lost for words."
And when, on her blog, she said (while posing provocatively): "I'm lost without him", I did think it might be Eddie's PS150,000 a year she was lost without.
Laurina said: 'I'm lost for words I didn't even know I had been nominated but it's a lovely award.