I'm married

I'm married   
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So, you see, I'm married," he said suddenly; "what do you think of my wife?
But I'm married, and believe me, in getting to know thoroughly one's wife, if one loves her, as someone has said, one gets to know all women better than if one knew thousands of them.
Twist it how you may, Miss Isabel, whether I'm single or whether I'm married, I'm plain Alfred Hardyman; and everybody who knows me knows that I go on my way, and please myself.
Hang it: the regiment's just back from the West Indies, I must have a little fling, and then when I'm married I'll reform; I will upon my honour, now.
I'm at the stage now that I'm married and have a child and things change.
Obviously, I can't go through with those feelings because I'm married now,' she added, to a smattering of cheers.
He is happily married to someone else and I'm married, too, but not happily.
Tell us a little about yourself: RJ - I'm married with two children and two cats.
Skelton Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a 38-year-old, I'm married, have two boys Ethan, five, (autistic) and Tyler, eight.
I'm married to him, he's gone off and slept with someone else.
I don't want to live with anyone until I get married and I don't want babies until I'm married either," News.
I'm happy to go home and see my families but my problem is that I'm married to two wives who are not aware that I'm married twice.