I'm not coming

I'm not coming   
References in classic literature ?
I'm not coming to you to ask forgiveness, but simply to tell you.
Rodgers said: "Hopefully it gives a lift to some of the guys, but I'm not coming back to save this team.
But I'm not coming here to just walk into the team.
No, I'm not coming back, I'm retired" Nigel Farage, insisting he will not return to the Ukip leadership after the sudden resignation of his successor Diane James "If standing up for what you believe to be right is being 'bloody difficult', then so be it" Prime Minister Theresa May "Oasis.
I'm not coming in saying 'I got to do this or I have to do this.
Ferguson, 69, who was named as the League Managers' Association (LMA) manager of the season, said: "I'm glad I'm not coming into the game nowadays.
I truly hope I'm not coming off as sounding insensitive, but having witnessed first-hand the last few months of my father battling pancreatic cancer, I don't believe he would have wanted to endure two more months in the condition he was in.
As he was being taken out of the courtroom, Odgren shouted an obscenity and then said, "You send me back to Plymouth, I'm not coming back out.
So when new owners Greg and Shelly Williams asked him to stay on as head wrangler, he replied," 'Look, I'm gay, and I'm not coming back unless that's completely OK.
I hope it doesn't take a month, but I'm not coming out until KZEL is a live, local, 24-hour-a-day station again.
My desire to win football matches is still there - I'm not coming for an extended holiday.