I'm not coming

I'm not coming   
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Inside the room there was a moment's silence; then Zeena called out from her seat: "I'm not coming down to supper."
'I'm not coming an hour later in the morning, you know,' said Tim, breaking out all at once, and looking very resolute.
I'm not coming to you to ask forgiveness, but simply to tell you.
"I'm not coming in as the overwhelming favourite like maybe I did back in 2006 or 2007.
"I'M not coming to make up the numbers, I'm aiming for the very top."
THE newly married couple sat in front of me yesterday talking about their honeymoon, 'He wanted to go and see a volcano at four in the morning,' she said, 'But I said no way, I'm not coming with you!''So did you go alone?' I asked and the man nodded, 'I did!' A Kansas cyclone hit a farmhouse just before dawn one morning.
"I don't think you can go to the manager or club and say, 'by the way I'm not coming in today, I'm going to see a doctor because mentally I'm not feeling great'.
I've got to go through this fella to change my life, to prove the doubters wrong, because the upside to winning this fight is that great that I'm not coming to make the numbers up."
I'm not saying I'm guaranteed a spot here, but I'm integrated with the players so I'm not coming to a new team."
Rodgers said: "Hopefully it gives a lift to some of the guys, but I'm not coming back to save this team.
"But I'm not coming here to just walk into the team.