I'm not drinking

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I'm not drinking   
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He said: "I get messages every day from people saying 'I'm not drinking any more and it's all because of this that you've said or that that you've said'.
"Just say, 'I'm not drinking at the moment', and leave it at that," he explains.
'[If this permission is given] it's the same as drinking beer then saying 'I'm not drinking beer', because allowing [beer festivals] is subject to same code as drinking.
"And later on when I did an album that didn't do so good I thought, well obviously I'm not drinking nearly as much as I need to."
I was saying, 'I'm not drinking so I deserve a treat.' turned my d around m yo Tak the sugar th ' "You also acquire a massive sweet tooth if you've been a drinker.
Dear Coleen THE only time I'm not drinking is when I'm sleeping.
But like so many people here in South Korea and the U.S., I'm not drinking the "peace in our time" Kool-Aid.
I'm not doing drugs, I'm not drinking, I'm completely clean right now!
And I'm not drinking now so it's, like, what do I do on a trip?