I'm not hungry

I'm not hungry   
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"I'm not hungry, Trent," he said, "but I am very thirsty, very thirsty indeed.
'No, I'm not hungry,' he answered, averting his head, and speaking rather contemptuously, as if he guessed I was trying to divine the occasion of his good humour.
"Nothing to mind about, Mother; I'm not hungry. I'll just look in at Adam again, and see if he'll let me go on with the coffin."
I've always looked at these studies and wondered: Does it have such a strong impact that you can use this window after you exercise to say, 'Because I'm not hungry, I'm going to make a really good choice about what I eat'?
I thought I ate fairly moderately, but it's been two days and I'm not hungry yet.
"I'm not hungry," she barked, pulling the covers up higher.
And then I'm not hungry again until 10 o'clock, well what's in there?
Here's what IWF founder Jason Yun has to say about his experience on the ketogenic diet: "I'm not hungry, I used to eat 6-10 times per day; now, it's more like 3-4.
If She's Performing: "Even though I'm not hungry when I wake up, I'll eat early in the morning so that my body has time to digest before I dance.
"I'm not hungry to be a household name outside Wales," he says.
My own target is 1,500 calories and I'll admit to struggling to even eat that - but if I'm not hungry, and feel full of vim and vigour, even after taking myself to see Daire from Alchemist Life in Team Valley for a session of squats, burpees, and other exercises that sound like you might do them while suffering from a severe stomach bug, then what can I do?