I'm pregnant

I'm pregnant   
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Everybody is saying I'm pregnant and I'm not," Longoria continued.
Dear Coleen I HAVE a terrible dilemma - I'm pregnant with my ex's child.
This is because I typically gain a lot of weight when I'm pregnant.
Even after denying the news, people are still coming up to me and asking if I'm pregnant.
I have no idea why but he calls me momo and he's fully aware I'm pregnant now.
When I'm pregnant, I notice that my emotions tend to be extreme (in either direction).
Q: I've just found out I'm pregnant, which is great news, However, I'm worried as my mother had pre-eclampsia when she was pregnant.
I kept saying to him, 'Excuse me, I'm pregnant - do not be like that with me' and then at the end of the meal he called me fat.
com)-- After its World Premiere in Los Angeles last September, Don't Hug Me, I'm Pregnant will be coming to St.
Giving up smoking would protect the health of the unborn child - Lindsey Arran, 29, a sales associate from Wales I'm pregnant and packed in straight away.
As a red-blooded alpha male, let me state unequivocally that I believe how a woman dresses (and behaves in that dress) tells a man what's on her mind" Lawyer Nick "Mr Loophole" Freeman "I am told by my learned friend, who is quite a bit younger than I am, that 'lol' means 'laugh out loud' not 'lots of love"' Solicitor General Edward Garnier explaining some Facebook comments in the High Court "I think people think that I'm pregnant sometimes because my weight fluctuates.
The scarf has now been hailed a 'best buy' in parenting magazine I'm Pregnant and on the website Mumsnet and has also won two industry awards.