I'm retired

I'm retired   
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I'm retired from the ring, but am always happy to help the club out
I WAS relatively lucky with injuries during my career and rarely suffered a serious one, so it's typical that I get my worst one when I'm retired.
Now that I'm retired I'm spending lots of money at Brownells.
Q Now that I'm retired, I'm looking forward to working in my garden and doing some nice landscaping around our new home.
Now that I'm retired and a widower, I'm paying a lot in income taxes, as my IRA withdrawals triggered the taxation of my Social Security benefits.
I'm retired so I have no axe to grind but having been an active trade unionist all my working life, I know what it means to go on strike.
Since I'm retired and always looking for a way to cut costs on my shooting, I was wondering where you got ammo at that price.
I'm glad I'm retired and off this silly merry-go-round after a lifetime in engineering.
At a price of $145, it has been a good gun for me, since I'm retired and on a fixed income.
Q | I'm retired, and my wife and I plan to do some trailerboating this summer on the East Coast.
I'm retired and my husband's passed, so there isn't any more money to count on.
I'm retired now, so I want to share the winnings with my family.