I'm retired

I'm retired   
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"My wife is an ex-florist and as I'm retired it's something for me to do.
"I never 'had a team' but now I'm retired, I'm a Pat's fan.
I'm retired from a fire department that made EMS and other such calls--including domestic violence and I say hurrah for the Coral Springs officers.
When I was working (I'm retired) I belonged to a union but never came out on strike.
Herron said: "I'm retired from the ring, but I am always happy to help the club out whenever I can when it comes to fundraising.
Now that I'm retired I'm spending lots of money at Brownells.
Now, 60 years later and aged 78, I'm retired after working all my life and, though I left school at 15 without an O level, I'm established as a writer and, to date, have had three volumes of autobiography published and a trilogy of novels, all by Hodder.
No, I'm not coming back, I'm retired" Nigel Farage, insisting he will not return to the Ukip leadership after the sudden resignation of his successor Diane James "If standing up for what you believe to be right is being 'bloody difficult', then so be it" Prime Minister Theresa May "Oasis.
Steven Reeve: "I'm 59 and I've given up smoking, drink one bottle of red wine per week and I weigh 11 stone and walk my dog twice a day, every day, and I'm retired. Some would say that sounds healthy for 59 but I had a heart valve replaced at 56 and part of my colon removed at 58.
I'm retired and can watch Tests from beginning to end on TV.
Speaking at Glastonbury, which he attended for fun rather than work, Moylesy confirmed: "I'm retired now.
Q Now that I'm retired, I'm looking forward to working in my garden and doing some nice landscaping around our new home.