I'm self-employed

I'm self-employed   
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"I'm a mortgage advisor and I'm self-employed so I can fit it in off to the side.
"I'm self-employed. I have my own consultancy and I would listen to anybody with anything.
"Because I'm self-employed I work on my own again so unless my DPD driver turns up at my door one day, that's the only men I see day to day.
"Because I'm self-employed they said I'd probably be a higher priority, but I'm still looking at about a year off work.
"I'm self-employed so I've lost two days which is a lot of money.
"I'm self-employed myself so would never intentionally not turn up without warninga[umlaut]a[umlaut]a[umlaut]a[umlaut]a[umlaut]."
We left knowing that Steve has adequate protection and a decent pension through his employer, but as I'm self-employed and have nothing in place to protect my earnings or provide for my future yet, this is something we are going to look into going forward.
"We've discussed it and he basically said, 'Look, no matter where I go next, I'd really like you to come with me', and because I'm self-employed, I can do that.
Patrick said: "As I've been out of the country for a bit and I'm self-employed, I have to work for one year and then show tax returns.
Which can literally only be done now I'm self-employed. God help anyone who's reckless enough to actually have a boss, especially one who doesn't appreciate you nipping off every other day to watch your child play the bum end of a donkey.
Not because it is the start of my working week for I'm self-employed and can choose my own time.
If I'm self-employed, how do I arrange for a pension fund?