I'm short-sighted

I'm short-sighted 
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I wear glasses with thick lenses because I'm short-sighted. And I'm really chubby, despite what Megan says.
One downside is I'm short-sighted so I couldn't see the time when I pointed at the wall.
As I'm short-sighted in my good eye, it was just as well How Clean is Your House?
"My only main worry is that I may lose the special goggles I have had made, as I'm short-sighted.
"Anyway, I'm short-sighted, so every night I went out and played it was all a bit of a blur!"* Kitty Daisy & Lewis this week release their new album Smoking In Heaven and tonight play a show at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff.
I'm short-sighted and I don't get distracted by anything on set.
I have green eyes and I'm short-sighted, which means I also wear wrap-around sunglasses during the autumn and even on bright winter days because my eyes are of light-sensitive colour.
he thinks I'm short-sighted. It's just that I don't know the way to a lot of these courses.
'Because I'm short-sighted I'm very, very vulnerable', he said.
As I'm short-sighted in my good eye, it was just as well that How Clean is Your House?
You see, I'm short-sighted. I used to think this meant I could only see dwarfs but apparently not.