I'm single

I'm single   
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Twist it how you may, Miss Isabel, whether I'm single or whether I'm married, I'm plain Alfred Hardyman; and everybody who knows me knows that I go on my way, and please myself.
She's very happily married and in love, and I'm single and ready to mingle."
The household name told pals: "I'm single but I'm done with men.
Later, she made the admission: 'Actually, yeah, I'm single right now.'
Gethin said: "I'm made to feel I'm weird because I'm single. So many people I know have settled for the wrong person and they're not happy in.
"I'm single and ready to mingle" Little Mix star Perrie Edwards is on the lookout for a new boyfriend after her break-up from former One Direction singer Zayn Malik "I can't compare myself with Jane Fonda, can I?
"They're all going through that period in life when they're looking around saying, 'I'm single, and I've got to go to six bachelorette parties in a row.
I'm single, I want to have fun but I don't want to be married.
I haven't eaten dinner with her though and I'd like to highlight the fact I'm single."
"I'm single now, but I'm not looking for a girlfriend, it is still too soon.
Charlie, who ran the London Marathon last month, added: "I'm single and happy and not on the lookout.
"I'm single! My English accent drives American girls crazy but I haven't got time for romance" - Actor Ed Westwick.