I'm sorry

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I'm sorry   
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So can I.--Bill, when I look at you, I'm sorry. I repeat, I'm sorry.
"I'm sorry you feel so about it,--indeed I am," said Mr.
"No, my boy," says the old gentleman, "I'm sorry to say 't your driver has deceived you; Nichols's place is down a matter of three mile more.
"But I'm sorry to hear all this 'bout the Crooked Magician.
"I'm sorry 'bout that," said Dorothy gravely, "for now there will be no one to help his poor uncle and Margolotte 'cept this Patchwork Girl, the Woozy and the Glass Cat."
I'm glad and I'm sorry. I'm sorry because this drive has been so pleasant and I'm always sorry when pleasant things end.
"She isn't a bad little soul, and I'm sorry I couldn't see her once more, though maybe it's just as well for she'd have to cry and set us all off.
Glegg paid a visit to her sister Tulliver, sitting in her gig all the while, and showing her displeasure by markedly abstaining from all advice and criticism; for, as she observed to her sister Deane, "Bessy must bear the consequence o' having such a husband, though I'm sorry for her," and Mrs.
"I'm sorry you think so," said Rosalind, evidently piqued.
"I'm sorry the Rainbow's Daughter missed her mist-cakes," said the Tin Woodman to Dorothy; "but by a mistake Miss Polly's mist-cakes were mislaid and not missed until now.
I'm sorry I had to put a patch on your breast, but it really couldn't be helped."
'I'm sorry to all the fans, especially the kids who were pushed around and got hurt at the meet and greet.