I'm thirsty

I'm thirsty   
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Heathcliff will have a long walk, wherever he may lodge to-night; and I'm thirsty.'
Right now, I'm thirsty and I'd like to be here for a while, or even forever.
So that next time I'm thirsty for inspiration and a push-factor, I'll drink this smoothie, and get back up and running again.
when I'm thirsty and when I'm not thirsty." Another suggested gin helped make people "look better naked".
Tips: "Before I eat, I ask, 'Do I really want or need this, or would I be full with some chicken and veggies?' Or, 'How will I feel onstage after I eat a pizza the night before?' I try to realize when I'm thirsty versus hungry, which happens a lot!
The other thing the films have in common is Gerard Butler, increasingly a force of Nature if not exactly a subtle one: "I don't know about you, but I'm thirsty as f**k!" he declares at one point, and gulps down a full glass of water in a scene that has no narrative function except to illustrate his animal energy.
"This circuit informs and directs the mouse into a complex program of actions and behaviors: "I'm thirsty. I need to identify a source of water.
Only when I'm thirsty, she says, pointing to the cup.
"When I'm thirsty, and when I'm not") Ernest Hemingway ("I drink to make other people more interesting") and Raymond Chandler ("Alcohol is like love," he once wrote.
I'm thirsty, headachy, and halting every 500 yards.