I'm too hot

I'm too hot   
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They can happen if I'm too hot, get dehydrated, go on a longhaul flight, if I'm over-tired - so many different reasons.
"They can happen if I'm too hot, get dehydrated, go on a long-haul flight, if I'm over-tired - so many different reasons.
Ever since Dewey Finn (the immensely likable Brightman) was unceremoniously dumped from his flashy rock band ("I'm Too Hot for You" is a hoot), he's been sponging off his best friend, Ned (nice guy Spencer Moses).
I am writing this from a prone position in front of my own fan with a vague fear at the back of my mind that any second now, the electricity will snap off and I'll be left to soak in a pool of my own sweat (apologies to those of you over in the east or even down on the Mediterranean coast around Antalya -- I know you've got it worse than us but right this minute, I'm too hot to think about anyone but myself).
Back then a flustered James Milner didn't want to speak to the media, with his excuse being: "I'm too hot!" However, there were no such scenes yesterday at Braga's AXA Stadium - aka The Quarry locally - as players happily stopped for interviews and seemed in very good spirits.
It's difficult to think in a straight line, when every five minutes that thought intrudes: "I'm too hot and I want a bath to get rid of the sweat."
"One minute I'm too hot so I open the windows and the next I'm cold and have to shut them again - I can't get the temperature right.
"I'm too hot and cold to go in with any confidence in doing it."I don't think Selby has the game either to win a world title because of the same reasons.
Dear Dr Cath, I'VE been married for 25 years and now my wife says I'm too hot to cuddle in bed.
"The theme is that I'm too hot to handle and you can't deny that," he explains.
Frustration: A persistent, throaty moan may be baby's way of saying "I'm too hot" or "too cold." Or the baby may not like the bath, or want to play anymore.