I'm vegetarian

I'm vegetarian 
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Another wrote: "Just went to try the new halloumi burger, lucky I read the very small print because it is fried in animal fat and I'm vegetarian. Very misleading and I presume your chips are the same.
I have never ever made a selfimportant, "I'm vegetarian" fuss in a restaurant, or anywhere else for that matter.
The dance with the server usually goes something like this: "I'm vegetarian. That means no chicken, no egg, what came in between and definitely nothing that swims."
I can't get enough Mexican food (mmm to burritos), and I'm vegetarian. I like art, swimming, after-school yoga class, and bodyboarding in the summer.
I'm vegetarian, so I won't be going out for a roast, although I don't like nuts and I'm allergic to wheat so my options are a bit limited.
My personal highlight is a goat's cheese and thyme souffle (I'm vegetarian), while James chomps his way through some lovely local razor clams, crab, John Dory fillets and some cracking Cornish potatoes.
"I'm really glad I'm vegetarian and I want to be vegan," Anna said.
"As for I'm a Celebrity, I'm vegetarian, so I couldn't stomach kangaroo anus."
"Now that I'm vegetarian, I feel wonderful both mentally and physically.
He was quoted as saying: "I'm into yoga, I meditate all the time, I'm vegetarian." (ANI)