I'm vegetarian

I'm vegetarian 
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There are several fish restaurants like The Aquarium and La Marina, but I'm vegetarian and they don't cater for me, so we keep ending up at the cheery Fiesta restaurant, which sells tapas, Mexican, Spanish (including the obligatory paella) and even Brazilian barbecue food, as well as pizzas, pasta and burgers to keep the kids happy.
I'm vegetarian, so I won't be going out for a roast, although I don't like nuts and I'm allergic to wheat so my options are a bit limited.
I'm really glad I'm vegetarian and I want to be vegan," Anna said.
As for I'm a Celebrity, I'm vegetarian, so I couldn't stomach kangaroo anus.
Now that I'm vegetarian, I feel wonderful both mentally and physically.
I'm vegetarian and drink a lot of water and vegetable juices but life is too short not to enjoy wine or the odd bag of crisps
He was quoted as saying: "I'm into yoga, I meditate all the time, I'm vegetarian.
I'm vegetarian and I don't harm or eat any animals, so I don't expect them to eat me.
Q I'm vegetarian and am fed up serving goats cheese with the usual salad ingredients.
Branco: I'm vegetarian so I just shoot them for pleasure.