I don't know

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I don't know   
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I don't know," answered the shaggy man, with a laugh.
She is enchanting, but what makes her so I don't know.
I waited a weary time, and you never came: I don't know whether my impatience made me think so, or whether the large fire burning made the room really as hot as I felt it to be -- I only know that, after a while, I passed through the curtains into the inner room, to try the cooler atmosphere.
One or two of the tradespeople even darted out of their shops and went a little way down the street before me, that they might turn, as if they had forgotten something, and pass me face to face - on which occasions I don't know whether they or I made the worse pretence; they of not doing it, or I of not seeing it.
I don't know what he thought would happen to us; I suppose he thought we should be too extravagant.
But, frightened or sorry, I don't know how it is, I always wanted to laugh at him, too, I mean from the very first day when he let me admire him for half an hour.
I don't know anything about the coffee-cups, except that we've got some that are never used, which are a perfect dream
Well, sir, I don't know," said Godfrey, hesitatingly.
Father, chance then threw into my way a new acquaintance; a man such as I had had no experience of; used to the world; light, polished, easy; making no pretences; avowing the low estimate of everything, that I was half afraid to form in secret; conveying to me almost immediately, though I don't know how or by what degrees, that he understood me, and read my thoughts.
But I don't know that I am apt at tending fowls," said the dubious Tess.
Didn't you hear me tell you, Monsieur d'Artagnan, that I don't know where he is?
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