I Maccabees

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Noun1.I Maccabees - an Apocryphal book describing the life of Judas MaccabaeusI Maccabees - an Apocryphal book describing the life of Judas Maccabaeus
Apocrypha - 14 books of the Old Testament included in the Vulgate (except for II Esdras) but omitted in Jewish and Protestant versions of the Bible; eastern Christian churches (except the Coptic Church) accept all these books as canonical; the Russian Orthodox Church accepts these texts as divinely inspired but does not grant them the same status
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Two books from the period, I Maccabees and 2 Maccabees, provide historical details of military campaigns and dramatic battle actions.
Efron, we may add, fails to note a major piece of evidence supporting his view that there was no division between the Hasidim and the Hasmoneans, namely that Josephus (whose value as a source Efron consistently downgrades), who closely paraphrases I Maccabees in books 12 and 13 of his Antiquities, never even mentions the Hasidim by name.