I can't sleep

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I can't sleep   
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I can't stand it; I can't sleep after it; I shall kill myself if I get no sleep.
I go to bed after two in the morning, thoughts come and I can't sleep but toss about till dawn, because I think and can't help thinking, just as he can't help plowing and mowing; if he didn't, he would go to the drink shop or fall ill.
Well, you see, I'm a kind of a hard lot, -- least everybody says so, and I don't see nothing agin it -- and sometimes I can't sleep much, on account of think- ing about it and sort of trying to strike out a new way of doing.
And when I can't sleep o' nights, I fancy I shall die without having done it.
I can't sleep after what has happened; I must relieve my mind somehow.
I'm accused of murder, by what I can make out; and I've really had a dreadful day of it, Alan, and I can't sleep on the roadside on a night like this - at least, not with a portmanteau,' he pleaded.
I can't sleep sometimes for thinking of him all alone there, shut off from us all.
She's an extraordinary woman, you see, an eccentric woman; I tell you I am so frightened of that woman that I can't sleep.
Oh, it drives me half-mad to think of it, and I can't sleep a wink at night.