I pray

I beg; I request; I entreat you; - used in asking a question, making a request, introducing a petition, etc.; as, Pray, allow me to go.

See also: Pray

References in classic literature ?
have sent away my guess, I pray who shall pay me for my a
Father," said Mercedes, stopping when she had reached the centre of the table, "sit, I pray you, on my right hand; on my left I will place him who has ever been as a brother to me," pointing with a soft and gentle smile to Fernand; but her words and look seemed to inflict the direst torture on him, for his lips became ghastly pale, and even beneath the dark hue of his complexion the blood might be seen retreating as though some sudden pang drove it back to the heart.
Forgive, I pray you, this inconsequent digression by what was once a woman.
Distant kinsman though you may be, I pray you always to defend my honour.