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or Ia.
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an ending of nouns borrowed from Greek and Latin, or coined in English or other languages on a Latin model, that denote esp. places (Ethiopia; Georgia; Liberia), states or conditions, esp. physical disorders (inertia; insomnia; leukemia; phobia), or plants (fuchsia; zinnia); also occurring in other nouns, often orig. or still plural (bacteria; genitalia; insignia; media) or collective (academia; militia). The ending -ia has limited productivity as an English suffix, forming names of disorders ( hypoxia) or plural or collective nouns ( militaria; psychedelia; suburbia).
Compare -y 2 .
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or Ia.,



in absentia.
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Noun1.IA - a state in midwestern United States
Corn Belt - the midwestern states where corn is grown; Iowa and Illinois are excellent for raising corn and corn-fed livestock
middle west, Midwest, midwestern United States - the north central region of the United States (sometimes called the heartland or the breadbasket of America)
U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA, America, the States, U.S. - North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776
Davenport - a city in eastern Iowa on the Mississippi River across from Moline and Rock Island
Cedar Rapids - a city in eastern Iowa
Clinton - a town in east central Iowa
capital of Iowa, Des Moines - the capital and largest city in Iowa
Dubuque - a town in eastern Iowa on the Mississippi River
Mason City - a town in north central Iowa
Ottumwa - a town in southeast Iowa
Sioux City - a city in northeastern Iowa where the Big Sioux River joins the Missouri
Little Sioux River - a river that rises in southwestern Minnesota and flows southwestward to the Missouri River in western Iowa
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Chip maker Intel Corp has released its IA-32 Execution Layer software for use in systems featuring the Intel Itanium 2 processor and a Microsoft Windows operating system.
In this vein, at press time Intel had just announced that the company is working with Microsoft to help Redmond create a 32-bit emulation layer for Itanium, called the IA-32 Execution Layer, in Windows.
The Intel Architecture 32-bit (IA-32) PC marketplace currently breaks down quite nicely into three segments: 1) budget or value PCs built around the Intel Celeron and AMD Duron CPUs (less than $1,000), 2) mainstream systems built around the Intel Pentium III and AMD Athlon ($1,000 to $1,500), and 3) the performance market built around the Pentium 4 and the higher-speed Athlons (over $1,500).
Certainly, Intel won't want to be left behind in the clock speed race, but Willamette represents the next major sea change in Intel's IA-32 roadmaps.
The company also supports Intel IA-32 and IA-64 processors.
TotalView supports Intel compilers for Linux on both the Intel Itanium and IA-32 architectures, such as the Intel Pentium 4 processor.
Under the terms of the agreement Cadence will deploy HP IA-32 and Intel Itanium-based servers and workstations running Linux in the company's development, testing and customer support programmes.