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Noun1.Internet Explorer - a commercial browser
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IE 8 has been catching on since its release five months ago, but Microsoft is hoping to leave behind aging IE 6 as well as much-maligned Vista after Windows 7 operating system launches in October.
This sleek design takes up much less space, but it also lacks consistency and bumps some often-used functions, like the home-page button, to odd locations.In any case, if you've been using IE 6 for years, you may not know where to click when IE 7 lands on your computer.But rebelling against this forced upgrade by turning off automatic updates in XP is not a good idea.
The penetration rate of Internet Explorer is made up of IE 6 with 68.1%, IE 5.5 with 13.8%, IE 5.0 with 11.8% and IE 4.0 with 0.7%.