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A city of southwest Nigeria east of Ibadan. Center of a powerful Yoruba kingdom until the late 1600s, it is an agricultural market with varied industries.


(Placename) a town in W central Nigeria: one of the largest and oldest Yoruba towns; university (1961); centre of the cocoa trade. Pop: 229 000 (2005 est)


(ˈi feɪ)

a town in SW Nigeria. 262,000.
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All you have done is to make murder easy for others; to get others to do the dirty work, and then shelter them and share the gain; all you need have on your conscience is every ife that was lost with the Lady Jermyn, and every soul that lost itself in losing them.
Coordinate and Provide Booking and Logistical Arrangements for Ifes Ukraines Activities Including
The people of Ife, in Osun State have been advised to revive and preserve the cultural heritage of the town.
Even though he was a bit uncertain about how to proceed, Tom searched for "franchises" online and much to his surprise discovered that the International Franchise Expo (IFE) would open in two days in New York City!
The characteristic width of the stem (SW) had a maximum average of 0.76mm for the IFES 27 accession and a minimum of 0.36mm the IFES 11, with a general average of 0.62mm.
Al-Sharef praised all the technical and consultative support by the IFES during the previous electoral process, expressing his wishes to continue this support during the next period to promote electoral process in Yemen.
Rakesh Sharma, IFES--Information Resources for Election Professionals at IFES
There are four major groups that constitute the present Osun State, namely, the Ijesas, the Ifes, the Oyo's and the last but not the least, the igbominas.
Under its USAID-funded project, IFES will conduct a number of trainings and workshops for a variety of
IFES seeks a vendor to provide transportation services for its office in Dili, Timor-Leste.
IFES promotes democratic stability by providing technical assistance to the
Supervise the printing process IFES will compete the printing component.