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Plural of ilium.


(Anatomy) the plural of ilium


(Classical Myth & Legend) (in Roman legend) the daughter of Aeneas and Lavinia, who, according to some traditions, was the mother of Romulus and Remus. See also Rhea Silvia


(Placename) a transliteration of the Modern Greek name for Elia1
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Unlike other regional currencies which have strengthened against the US dollar, and strangely despite an environment of weak dollar, Philippine peso has been underperforming," Ilias said.
'The TRAIN is expected to push up the CPI [consumer price index] in 2018 to 3.6 percent from 3.2 percent in 2017,' Ilias told the Inquirer in an e-mail.
But Ilias said the BSP will eventually have to shift into a more hawkish stance to manage pockets of risks that are even now beginning to get more pronounced.
In al drie paragrawe word Homeros (dit wil se die Ilias en die Odusseia) dikwels gelyk gestel aan die mites waarop Homeros berus.
"Insurance through a freight forwarder makes sense for one-off shipments," Ilias says.
Agthia chairman Rashed Mubarak Al Hajeri said: "Ilias has led Agthia through a very exciting period of our development, and has been instrumental in enabling us to deliver greater value to our shareholders.''
HARD-HITTING Ilias Kasidiaris slaps communist MP during political chat show yesterday and, right, he throws water over Rena Dorou
"The opportunity was there for Ilias but as time went on there were one or two things that didn't sit well with me.
Mohamed Ilias Khan, Consultant and Head of Maternity and Childhood Welfare Section and other senior staff members of AKH.AaMr.
Kyrgyz Energy Minister Ilias Davydov promises to stop rotational blackouts in Kyrgyzstan since 21 March 2010.Energy Minister Ilias Davydov said at the government session today that the order given by the President to stop rotational blackouts since 1 April 2010 will be fulfilled.Prime Minister Daniar Usenov requested the Energy Minister to stop rotational blackouts earlier.
STUDENT HONOURED STUDENT Ilias Mantalios has been awarded the Robert Ford Memorial Prize for the best final year business studies at South Tyneside College.
She leaves a son, Nick Gilantzis of Auburn, 2 daughters, Eleni Bakerzis in Germany and Maria Pippas of Worcester, a son, Ilias Gilantzis of Worcester, 9 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.