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1. imitation.
2. imitative.
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The purpose of this study is to identify the common flaws in our IMIT and to make our healthcare providers realize the fact that the administration of a drug by IMI is a skilled task that needs to be learned in order to maximize the therapeutic effect of the medication and eliminate or minimize the complications and patient discomfort from IMIs.
La velocidad de produccion de C[O.sub.2] (92.82 ml x [kg.sup.-1] x [h.sup.-1] en el climaterio) es extremadamente alta, comparada, por ejemplo, con las alcachofas y la col de Bruselas cuya produccion de C[O.sub.2] esta clasificada como alta (IMIT, 1994).
using binary terniary imit. length s13207 638 477 (74,7%) 432 15 s1423 74 74 (100%) 74 3 s15850 534 458 (86%) 458 18 s298 14 14 (100%) 14 2 1423 s38584 1426 (99,78%) 1423 36 s386 6 6 (100%) 6 2 s526 21 21 (100%) 21 2 s5378 179 167 (93%) 163 9 s9234 211 154 (73%) 154 6 s953 29 25 (86%) 10 1
The National Institute of Marriage (NIM) has been serving married couples in distress through the use of an innovative format called Integrative Marital Intensive Therapy (IMIT).
Soon the village of Imit, founded by Ali Mardan Khan, grew to become the largest village of the valley.
--(2000): "Virtuell kontakt och kunskapsspridning--mot okad demokrati?: Om intranats roll i spridning av kunskap och kontaktskapande inom organisationer" ("Virtual contact and dissemination of knowledge--towards greater democracy?: The role of the Internets in the dissemination of knowledge and contact-building within organizations", in Swedish), IMIT 2000:112, Stockholm.
IMIT the number of imports allowed in Super League to three a club to try to restore England's sagging fortunes.
The taxpayer may take this interest deduction if certain requirements are met, including: (1) if married, a joint return is filed; (2) the taxpayer is not claimed as an exemption on another taxpayer's return; (3) interest is paid on a loan taken out only to pay tuition and other qualified education expenses for the taxpayer, spouse, or a dependent (at time of loan); (4) educational expenses were paid within a reasonable period of time; (5) the education expenses were for an eligible student; (6) the student was enrolled at least half-time at a qualified education institution; and (7) the first 60 months of interest payments were partly required in the tax year for 2001(after December 31, 2001, no 60 month l imit will be required).