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Despite the identical pattern, the imperfect of geminate roots exhibits a regular conjugation: 3ms impf yedlel, 3fs tcdlel.
impf. or pres, inf.) of the verb kys 'to decrease' seems more likely.
For example, in the pf okruiti 'encircle', the verbal stem and the prefix o- have very similar meanings, and so the meaning of the prefix o- 'spatial surrounding in a circular form' is already part of the simplex impf kruiti.
Maretic identificira ova znacenja i uporabe prezentskih oblika: prava sadasnjost (radnja se dogada u vrijeme govorenja, samo impf. oblici), neprava sadasnjost (radnja se dogada >>kad god se prilika desi<<, str.
I-V--gender markers, ABL--Ablative, ABS--Absolutive, ANTR--anterior (converb), CONT--Contessive, EMPH--emphatic, GNT--General tense, HPL--human plural, IMPF.CVB--imperfective converb, IN--Inessive, INF--infinitive, INST--instrumental, INT--intensifier, INTER--Interessive, LAT--Lative, MSD--masdar, NARR--narrative, NHPL--non-human plural, OBL--Oblique, ORD--ordinal, PRET--preterite, PST.W--Past witnessed, PST.UW--Past unwitnessed, PST.PTCP--Past participle, PFV.CVB--Perfective converb, QUES--question, QUOT--Quotative, REFL-- reflexive, REPET--repetitive, RES--resultative, SUP--Superessive, TEMP--temporal (converb), TRANSL--Translative, VERS--Versative.
Thus the suppletive verb here is more likely to be [??] as in Mandaic; see Noldeke 1875: 246 1 Impf., and is listed as such by Epstein 1960: 78.
There are three verbs (eight, if we count their aspectual pairs) that allow the dative alternation in Croatian: darivati (IMPF/ITER)/darovati (PERF)/podariti (PERF) 'to give as a gift', nuditi (IMPF)/ponuditi (PERF) 'to offer', and sluziti (IMPF)/posluziti (PERF)/posluzivati (ITER) 'to serve'.
(4.) Abbreviations used are as follows: DAT dative 1 1 st person ACC accusative 3 3rd person PRET preterit SG singular IMPF imperfect PL plural INF infinitive SJV subjunctive COMP complementizer
All verbs correspond to the parallel MS 1929/16, and the passage in III Henoch 1:6 to which Levene refers shows impf. forms.
determiner FOC focus (marker) FUT future tense GEN genitive IMPF imperfect(ive) IND indicative INF infinitive INSTR instrumental MASC masculine MID middle voice NEG negation NOM nominative PAST
This [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] vowel is also found in the prefixes of the derived stems, e.g., [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "he will heal" (3ms impf D), and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "he will be healed" (3ms impf Dt).
Abbreviations used are ABL ablative ACC accusative COMP completive aspect CONJ conjunct CONJ:SUBJ conjunct subject CONJ:UNDER conjunct undergoer DISJ disjunct DROP perfective serial verb FUT future tense IMPF imperfective aspect IMPFPART imperfective participle INF infinitive INTER interrogative LOC locative NEG negative NOM nominative PAST past tense PFPART perfective participle Q question marker Q:UNSURE uncertain question marker SG singular TEMP temporal clitic TOP topic marker WHEN temporal subordinator