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As we celebrate our 500th INSP News Feed, exclusive editorial like this demonstrates the power of the INSP network to work together to boost sales for our hard working vendors.
Founded in 1994, Glasgow-based charity INSP (International Network of Street Papers) supports and develops 113 street paper projects in 34 countries, in 24 languages.
We are thrilled with the partnership between INSP and DAV that allows us to recognize and commend the service and sacrifice of women veterans by sharing these incredible stories.
INSP as a cable network is available in 75 million homes.
INSP began working with Crossroads, and its president, Chris White, on a formal basis in 2004.
For more on the Awards and INSP Programming go to http://www.
INSP celebrates June, Black Music Month, with a two-hour tribute to the roots of gospel, and the contribution of African-Americans to this uniquely American form of music in "Joyful Gospel Music Evolution" at 9 p.
Winners will be announced during three 1-hour programs airing on INSP on October 7, 14, 21, and repeating December 2, 9, and 16.
In addition to offering the current INSP channel, INSP-Digital will offer new programming created from a partnership between INSP and religious-radio ministries and personalities who have not previously been on national television.
The addition of the 'Kingdom Adventure' animated series to our line-up reflects INSP's expanding commitment to provide innovative, original inspirational programming of the highest quality to our growing family audience," said INSP President David Cerullo.
This new facility represents a major commitment to the growth of INSP, the cable industry and our commitment to Charlotte.
INSP is going with the Silicon Graphics platform for its electronic graphics suite, using Matador software for paint and software from Softimage for 3-D animation.