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the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) an international organization
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1. interest.
2. interim.
3. interior.
4. interjection.
5. internal.
6. international.
7. interpreter.
8. interval.
9. intransitive.
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"Now you've had all you can stan' to-night, poor little soul, without gettin' a fit o' sickness; an' Mirandy'll be sore an' cross an' in no condition for argyment; so my plan is jest this: to drive you over to the brick house in my top buggy; to have you set back in the corner, an' I git out an' go to the side door; an' when I git your aunt Mirandy 'n' aunt Jane out int' the shed to plan for a load o' wood I'm goin' to have hauled there this week, you'll slip out o' the buggy and go upstairs to bed.
Poyser bitterly, turning her head half-way towards her husband and looking at the vacant arm-chair--"I daresay it's true for men as sit i' th' chimney-corner and make believe as everything's cut wi' ins an' outs to fit int' everything else.
I 'int to her that am I not sufficient substitute for a beastly cat?
'before retiring on the 'int, as a lady should, I wish to ask of yourself, as a lady, whether I am to consider that my words is doubted?'
On'y don't you go for to shoot, 'cos we 'int awmed, s'help me Gord!"
Based on management's projections, MoneyGram Int analysts model for earnings of 6 cents per share on sales of $344.29 million.
Bhaduria told ANI that the observations by the three members were part of the deliberations of the INT and could not be viewed as a 'dissent note' as stated in a newspaper report today.
2) Drew Brees (3,992 Yards, 32 TD, 5 INT, 115.7 Rating)
Revolution Gymnastics Club had an excellent day taking team gold medals in the Int 9&U Boys, Int 9&U Girls, Int 13&U Girls, Int 15&U Boys, Int 15&U Girls, Int 16+ & above Men and Int 16+ & above Ladies.
Then [f.sup.-1] (int(G,K))[??]s[alpha] int [f.sup.-1] (G,K) [??] [f.sup.-1] (G,K)[??]s[alpha] int [f.sup.-1] (G,K) [??] [f.sup.-1] (G,K) is soft [alpha]-open.
[??] (i, j)-b Cl(X - [f.sup.-1](j Cl(V))) [subset] X - [f.sup.-1] (i Int (j Cl(V))).