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Noun1.IOL - a clear plastic lens that is implanted in the eye; usually done when the natural lens has been removed in a cataract operation
accommodating IOL, accommodating lens implant - a lens implant containing a hinge that allows for both near and far vision (thus mimicking the natural lens of a young person)
implant - a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue
monofocal IOL, monofocal lens implant - a lens with a single focus that is used after cataract surgery to provide clear distance vision
multifocal IOL, multifocal lens implant - a type of lens implant that contains several rings with a common center and adjusts for near or far vision; the eye is in focus for near and far vision simultaneously
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With this study, we now have robust, real-world evidence that shows patients who receive an AcrySof IOL are less likely to require PCO-treating laser surgery, which carries its own risks and puts a financial burden on the healthcare system.
Although the biocompatibility of IOL lenses should be evaluated as a whole, the biological impact of an implanted IOL is at the uveal and capsular levels.
6-8) The Array IOL (Abbott Medical Optics, Irvine, CA, USA) was one of the first multifocal IOLs to be approved by the FDA in 2000, followed by the ReZoom (AMO, Irvine, CA, USA) in 2005.
This study highlights the visual outcome after scleral fixated IOL along with the complications associated with the procedure.
The study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of the Tecnis Symfony 1-Piece Acrylic IOL in 148 patients compared with 150 patients who received a Tecnis 1-piece Aspheric Acrylic (monofocal) IOL.
The 100 undergraduate student interns and 15 paid graduate students who power the IOL previously had to catch a shuttle to work.
We therefore propose a study to evaluate the use of CRB for IOL in Singapore.
With the launch of the ePortal, IOL says every student that registers with them will receive a free online English grammar course.
According to El-Sada, reports issued last year by SKOPOS, a development consulting firm hired by Media International, the company under which IOL legally functions in Egypt, suggested that 60 percent of the website's readership comes from Cairo.
A new addition to the agenda is a first-timer's orientation: "How to Make Your IOL Successful.