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 (ē′sā, ē′sĕ′)
A city of south-central Honshu, Japan, near the entrance of Ise Bay, an arm of the Pacific Ocean. The city has several ancient Shinto shrines built in a distinctive archaic style of architecture.
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Lou- ise, whose mind was filled with thoughts of John Hardy, tried to make talk but the country boy was embarrassed and would say nothing.
This was the East of the ancient navigators, so old, so mysterious, resplendent and somber, living and unchanged, full of danger and prom- ise. And these were the men.
ISE Director Sohail Altaf said that the real estate market was the most heavily invested sector in Pakistan, offering a huge potential for the nation's economic development.
With two poultry farms, ISE Foods will soon commence its operations in India.
We will now talk about all the above mentioned problems and how ISE is dealing with these problems so that it can set guidelines for other similar institutes.
Euronext said ISE will expand by joining Euronext's federal model and leveraging Euronext technology, support and services.
Here they apply their findings to the central Ise Shrines to show how Shinto assimilated to Ise.
Ise yabancilasma sonucunda calisanlarda dusuk orgutsel baglilik, is ve yasam doyumunda azalma, motivasyon kaybi, tukenme, sinizm ve isten ayrilma niyetlerinde artma soz konusu olur.
At the sidelines of President Duterte's visit to Japan, ISE Foods formally expressed on Wednesday its intention to expand in the Philippines and bring in its modern egg production technology, based on a briefer on the partnership obtained by the Inquirer.
Ise baslamanin saglikli olmak acisindan onemli oldugu vurgulanmistir.
"The ISE should adopt a futuristic approach and come up with ideas, which would help take the exchange forward."
"We are pleased that the PTAB agreed with ISE's position and invalidated the CBOE patents and are grateful for their careful consideration of this important matter," said Gary Katz, ISE president and chief executive officer.