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or Ia.

I·o·wa 1

n. pl. Iowa or I·o·was
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting parts of Iowa and southwest Minnesota, with present-day populations in Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
2. The Siouan language of the Iowa.

[From French ayoés, ultimately from Dakota ayúxba.]

I′o·wa adj.

I·o·wa 2

 (ī′ə-wə) Abbr. IA or Ia.
A state of the north-central United States. It was admitted as the 29th state in 1846. Part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, Iowa was organized as a separate territory in 1838. The Mound Builders lived in the area in prehistoric times. Des Moines is the capital and the largest city.

I′o·wan adj.
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abbreviation for
(Placename) Iowa
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The museum also features a special section on the third floor dedicated to the history of the IA.
With the automatic transmission, you'll pay about $18,000 for a Yaris iA. Other than the Toyota name badge, the Yaris iA is unrelated to the Toyota Yaris hatchback (or liftback).
In developing countries such as Libya, studying IA practice, in its broader context with identifying factors that inhibit or enhance its effectiveness, could pave the way for a deeper understanding of IA and for an increase in the development of knowledge in internal auditing areas as well as to maximize organizational performance; thereby rendering support for the development of the national economy, as developing countries have a greater need to similar studies to help increase and develop the general perspective about the importance of IA.
Booth's notion of the IA as a dogma, I will dare to propose an IA concept that only roughly connects with Booth's and the orthodox believers' many descriptions of the IA. That rough connection is our shared concern for the ethics of fiction, for the role of the IA in this ethics, and for positing an author who is not the flesh-and-bones author (FABA).
The works of [4] and [5] propose the modified precoder finding algorithms to achieve better sum rate performance than the conventional IA. However, these algorithms still require several iterations and multiple feedback links for each receiver.
A similar behavior was observed by Ceska (20)in the STy/butadiene copolymerization performed in the presence of IA. Egusa and Makauuchi (21) demonstrated that the copolymerization rate of STy and carboxylic acid increases with an increase in the acid monomer content for AA and MAA, whereas for IA, the rate decreases.
The Taji National Depot, located at Camp Taji in Baghdad, houses the highest level of maintenance in the IA. It is known as a fourth-line maintenance organization, and it is where the IA conducts wheeled and tracked vehicle restoration and repair.
With Tony it was never about him, it was always about giving his heart and soul and profession to his friends, students, clients and to all of us at IA."
These tools, operating as a web service at the server level and developed with the collaboration of the AF records officer, assign retention period and disposition instructions to every IA. It also determines whether the IA is an official record and modifies the IA's metadata accordingly.
When the CFO and audit committee have a clear understanding of how the external auditor currently uses the work of internal audit, opportunities may arise to further use IA. For example, AS5 encourages the external auditor to consider and apply the work that IA has performed during the year that provides evidence of the company's external financial reporting and effectiveness of its related internal controls.